1. Life's Mini Projects

    Getting back into shape? Trying to land that new job? Avoiding a nasty cold? Just sorting out your weekend? They're all one of life's mini projects. And Tictrac is here to help. Grab one of our suggested projects or create your own from an ever–growing collection of tracking activities and live data feeds.

  2. In–Sync with You

    Tictrac syncs with the apps you already use – like RunKeeper, Foursquare or Withings. There's no better solution to tracking your individual activities than the ones you already use. So why stop? What you can do with Tictrac is supplement these with additional tracking using our own collection of FastTrackTM trackers – the easiest way to track just about anything.

  3. Know Yourself

    Some things in life don't feel like tracking at all. Take Facebook, Twitter or Google Calendar. With Tictrac you will see these services in a way you've never seen them before. There's so much to discover from just looking back over what you've been up to. No tracking, no inputting – just sit back and discover yourself.

  4. It's all about The Disco

    The most exciting thing about Tictrac is the Disco - our Discovery Engine. Just drag and drop trackers into the Disco area and lose yourself in discovery after discovery after discovery. You don't even have to do any tracking - just sign up with Facebook and see what you can discover.