Tictrac - The Platform

Engagement through data

Tictrac is the Quantified Self (QS) platform that makes lifestyle data actionable.


Designed for People

Intuitive design and intelligent analytics deliver personalized experiences for each user based on their unique data.

Powered by Lifestyle Data

Tictrac syncs data from hundreds of connected devices, sensors, apps and websites, to create "lifestyle dashboards" that empower users with rich data visualizations and personal insights.

Delivering Actionable Insight

Through greater insight into your users, we enable you to better understand their unique needs and deliver personalized, meaningful experiences.

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The Details

A Tailored, Flexible Platform

Tictrac Platform is for organisations that want to build meaningful engagement with their audiences.

  • Health & Wellbeing

    Leverage the power of quantified self to drive increased engagement, actionable lifestyle data and measurable behavior change.

    Tictrac's suite of consumer wellness solutions enable health insurers, hospital groups, pharma companies and large employers to deliver individualized care, through intuitive, consumer-friendly design.

  • Consumer Brands

    Leverage the power of quantified self to drive increased engagement, conversions and ROI.

    Tictrac's brand platform enables companies to talk to their consumers at the right time, with the right message, through the right channels based on what their data says is relevant to them.

  • Sports Performance

    Leverage the power of quantified self to combine lifestyle data with performance analytics.

    Tictrac's team and player dashboards provide a complete picture of what it takes to maximize success on and off the field. From sleep to speed, nutrition to endurance, our tools are designed for pros, coaches, personal trainers, nutritionists and amateurs to use.

All Powered by Tictrac

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The Tictrac Way

  • Consumer Proven Technology

    The platform has been designed and built specifically to engage with consumers using cutting edge, intuitive design.

  • Expert Knowledge

    Our dedicated team of data scientists and medical and behavioral specialists bring proven scientific expertise to the platform.

  • Privacy and Security

    We value and protect the data we collect with the most up to date security protocols, adapted to the rigorous needs of each partner.

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