A deep understanding of human behaviour leads to genuine engagement

Our roots lie in creating online consumer products. So we begin with a real understanding of what people want to achieve. We find out how best we can help them get there. And as they move towards their goal, they generate genuine, lasting engagement.
Industry benchmark for health and fitness apps is 33%

We test everything with real people

Through research, we seek insight into people’s behaviour – and how to help them change it. We talk to people, look at their responses and experiment with multiple options, on and offline. And we test every product feature and all our content before we launch it.

Backed by ongoing research

Apollo – from idea to reality

Tictrac users have the freedom to explore our full platform, choosing the action plans...

Finding new ways to motivate

According to a recent study, poor lifestyle choices made by employees cost...

Declaring war on diabetes

Chronic health conditions are on the rise across the globe and Singapore is no exception...

We work alongside

We collaborate with experts and world-renowned centres of expertise in health, behavioural change and data science. We learn from them. And they often find they learn from us too.

UCL – studying behaviour change, health and nutrition

Tictrac and UCL have teamed up for a new study. The team will be testing digital environments [...]

Harvard Health – our trusted partner

We work closely with Harvard Health to make sure we have the most accurate and useful [...]

Everything has graduated from our test platform

Health Lab is our dedicated test platform where we experiment with new ideas using real people. Sometimes they don’t go to plan! It’s available for free in the App and Play stores. The only features your users will see are those that have been proven to work in Health Lab.

We partner with like-minded clients throughout

We understand the needs of our clients – then we customise our offering to make sure it gives them just what they’re after.

We help them do many things, including better understanding their customers, pricing products more accurately – and improving people’s health.