Wellbeing software
that helps build healthy behaviours

We forge a deep connection with our users. We combine their data with our extensive knowledge to give them a personal experience that motivates them and leads to better health choices.
Average for everyone taking part in one of our corporate challenges.

How we engage your people


Be Personal

We treat each person like the unique individual they are. We give them the specific tools and support we know will keep them engaged.


Set Goals

Setting achievable goals is a big part of changing behaviour. We help individuals set targets and offer regular progress updates to encourage them along the way.


Be accountable to others

Peer support is a great way to keep people motivated. Features such as our timeline feed and group challenges help them spur each other on.


Keep motivation high

We use a range of recognised tools to keep activity levels up. There are reward points, leader boards and more, to encourage healthy habits.

Collecting data from 1,000 apps and devices

Our product is compatible with a huge range of apps and devices, so people can gather all their health data in one place. We can also use this to track their progress without them having to input further information.

Key Features


Guided health journeys

Daily personalised guidance based on an individual’s unique needs that encourages ongoing engagement and dialogue.


Rewards and promotional offers

Reward your user's healthy behaviour and drive increased revenues with targeted marketing of products and digital services.


Personalised dashboards

Customised health dashboards that encourage the capture of valuable consumer lifestyle data that can be used for product development and risk modelling.


Health risk detection and intervention

Tools to identify user health risks enabling you to intervene with prevention programs or run in-app campaigns to drive awareness and educate users.

Enhanced engagement helps you reach your goals


You can use our product and the engagement it generates as a starting point for your own products and programs.

Helping sell to and retain corporate customers

Your valued corporate customers can enjoy our product as a free benefit for their employees. Corporates often see considerable value in having a happier and healthier workforce.

Reducing long term costs

Our product helps you identify which customers are most at risk from chronic conditions while also empowering them to help themselves.

We get them signed up – and help you retain them

We provide a toolkit our clients can use to acquire and retain customers. Designed by marketing specialists and drawn from experience across multiple clients, it offers distinct items for corporate, SME and retail audiences. We can also give clients tailored advice on marketing our product or achieving objectives through our product.

Acquisition templates

Materials your corporate customers can use to market our product to employees.

Monthly challenges

An ever-growing choice of challenges to increase customer engagement.

Topical promotions

A suite of seasonal or topical emails to help you stay relevant and front of mind.

Designed for easy implementation and customisation

We’ve done the hard work for you. Our product is available to everyone on all the most popular devices and we’ll tailor everything to your brand. It’s highly secure and we’ll even integrate it with your current systems.