We’ve done all the hard work for you

Openly available on popular devices

The product’s available on iOS and Android, as well as being optimised for smartphone, tablet and desktop. So it’s easily available to the widest possible audience, right away.

Everything can be tailored to your brand

We’re passionate about personalisation – for our clients as much as our end users. Our design team will work with your brand people to get the best possible branding across all communications.

With our content or yours

You can use our off the shelf options for a speedy launch, or create your own material. Everything is available in US and UK English, Spanish and German.

And you get a launch toolkit

We give our clients a toolkit to acquire and retain customers. It’s full of engaging customer content put together by our world-class marketing team and there are dedicated options for corporate, SME and retail audiences.

We integrate seamlessly with your current system

It’s cloud based and easy to implement

Being cloud-based, integration is usually simple and users automatically receive updates.

We prioritise state of the art security

We’re fully compliant with HIPAA guidelines and have SSAE 16 certification. All data is protected and encrypted, in transit and at rest.

We do the work quickly ourselves

We’ll work with your tech team to integrate with your systems. Users can then simply access the platform through their existing account, if that’s your preference.

What benefits will you see?

Let’s talk about how we help both you and your customers benefit from our product.